Classic Lashes- full set

2.5 hours

Classic one-to-one lash extensions for a more polished, pulled together look. No mascara needed! Start with a customized full set and return for a "fill-in"  every 2-3 weeks for best results. After care kit included with full set.



Hybrid Lashes- full set

3 hours

A mix between classic and volume lash extensions. The best of both worlds! Pick this for a beautiful, textured look! Start with a customized full set and fill-in your hybrid lashes every 2-3 weeks for best results. After care kit included with full set.



Volume Lashes- full set

4 hours

An advanced technique in which thinner extensions are fanned out and applied to your natural lash for a fluffier, fuller look. Great for those with thinning lashes! Start with a full set and fill-in your lashes every 2-3 weeks for best results. After care kit included with full set.



Classic Lash fill

1 hour

A 60 min. lash nap where I apply beautiful classic (one to one) lashes. The most natural looking option.



Hybrid Lash fill

1 hour, 30 min.

A 90 min. lash nap that includes a mix of classic and volume lashes customized to your liking. This is the most popular option- the best of both worlds!



Volume Lash Fill

1 hour, 45 mins

A longer lash nap that includes volume lashes (Or really fluffy hybrids!) customized to your liking. This is the most full option-Think density, not length.



Fast Lash - touch up

30 min.

A quick touch-up to be used as needed. Going on vacay but your fill is the week after? Book a fast lash! Lashes shed in one spot? Book a fast lash! Not to be used to replace a fill-in appointment. 



Lash lift & tint

1 hour

*NOW COMES WITH AFTERCARE SERUM TO APPLY AT HOME TOO!* Lifts up and tints your natural lashes for a faux mascara look at all times. Lash lifts are great for just waking up and going! Vacation, gym, work... They're low 

maintenance and no makeup required! Lift lasts 6-8 weeks. Tint lasts ~3-4 weeks.



Lash Removal

30 min.

Remove lash extensions the safe and correct way with a gel remover. No tugging or pulling lashes out on accident! If coming from another lash artist, removal may be required before a full set. 



Lash Tips

*Come to your appointment make-up free with clean lashes. Any makeup/residue can cause retention issues as there is a film between natural lash and adhesive or natural lash and solutions needed for service.

*You will be laying down for a period of time and you'll need to be still. Caffeine before appointments is not recommended. Enjoy the comfortable recliner and take a "lash nap" or listen to music :)

*CLEAN YOUR LASHES! Cleaning regularly helps retention and will keep your lashes healthy as well as keep infections away. EndureLash Lash wash and cloths are available at the studio. I'm always happy to help find the best routine and care for your extensions or delicate eye area.

*Avoid cotton near your lashes. It will catch and cause issues. I recommend you brush your lashes daily to keep them looking their best. Lift or extensions, they need to be tamed! ;)

*Your lash health is always my #1 priority. I choose extensions that your natural lash can hold without breakage or twisting and check for cleanliness at each appointment. There's a method to my madness!

I look forward to seeing you soon!


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