Brow enhancements

Eyebrow shaping- Waxing or tweezing is used to achieve desired shape. I use hard wax as it is more gentle on your skin. Trust the process and let them grow between appointments. It's worth it- promise!

Eyebrow makeover (with tint)- Eyebrow shaping customized for you with brow tint included. Tint lasts 3-4 weeks on hair and 2-3 days on skin. It's similar to dying your hair (but more gentle!) and will allow those tiny, light hairs ​to be a part of your shape to enhance your natural brows! 

Henna Eyebrow Makeover- Eyebrow shaping customized for you with brow henna included. Henna lasts 6ish weeks on hair and stains the skin for 2-3 weeks if aftercare is followed. This is meant to last longer than normal brow tint.

Pro-tip: Add on EndureBeauty under eye pads during your brow enhancement for the ultimate brow treatment! Just ask at your appointment!


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