Sunless Tanning

VEGAN. CRUELTY FREE. PARABEN FREE. ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS. MADE FROM BEETS. NOT SMELLY. NEVER ORANGE. NO UNNECESSARY ADDITIVES. ANTI-AGING INGREDIENTS. What's not to love? BeetTan is made fresh weekly from organic beet sugar and awesome additives like aloe to keep your skin from drying out. Plus, it's made right in Georgia! Come try out the best sunless solution on the market!

Who doesn't love choices? Sunless tans are offered in-studio OR mobile!

Our Spraygon extraction unit in the studio sucks in all the solution overspray for the most even, mess free tan!


I can come set up my cute pink tent at a location of your choice and spray you (and your friends if you want!)


*In Studio tan: $50 / $55 rapid rinse solution

*3 pack: 3 for $135

*BFF Package: Bring a friend and you both tan for $45/each.

*Group Package: 4+ people and organizer's tan is free.

*Mobile tan: $60 (fee for over 10 miles from studio)

Or call/text 317.416.3654 

for mobile tan inquiries/questions.

Sunless Tanning Pre/Post Tan Instructions


Thank you for choosing me to do your sunless tan! I'm excited to give you the best dang tan you've ever had! I do have to be honest and say that it's a team effort - Let's work together and make you the bronze goddess you deserve to be! 


-For best results, schedule mani/pedis, massages, and waxing procedures at least a day before your tan. Having these services after the application of your tan will result in uneven and premature fading of the tan. 

-Please bring loose, dark clothing and flip flops to wear after your tan. 



-Wash hair FIRST if desired, Shave legs, underarms, etc.

-Exfoliate AFTER shaving, conditioning hair, etc. using a pH-balanced, oil free scrub (BEET-IT SCRUB AVAILABLE AT STUDIO) or UNUSED exfoliation gloves/dry brush. Think of painting a piece of wood- you want to sand it first to be sure it's smooth before applying paint.

--Note: If you do not have a pH-balanced, oil free scrub… I suggest using sugar with a little baking soda and water. Mix and use as a paste to rub in circles and exfoliate. DO NOT use a random soap you have in your shower as most of them will leave residue/oils that interfere with the development of sunless tanning solution. Seriously.. please don’t do it ;)  --

-Please refrain from wearing any lotions or perfumed products after your shower as these will interfere with the development of the sunless solution.

-If you're going to rinse again before your tan (after initial exfoliation), please do it 4+ hours before your appointment. A light rinse with no soap (except armpits/where needed) is all that is necessary.

-Be aware that hormones and medications can have an effect on the amount of color absorbed as well.



Some clients wear an old bathing suit, some wear their undergarments, and some go completely nude. If you do not want to go topless, but want to avoid tan lines, stick-on bras/pasties are a good option. For your convenience, disposable thongs and nose filters are available at the studio if you'd like them. 



-No sweating, doing dishes, etc. until after your first rinse.

-We will discuss your rinse time before you leave 

- For your first rinse, avoid any shampoos or soaps as this can stop the development of your tan. Simply rinse the bronzer off.

- Note that the solution does continue to develop and darken over the next 24 hours, so don’t be alarmed if your tan seems light after rinsing.


Shorter, cooler showers than normal are best. Soap where needed (no Dove) and rinse quickly. 

Pat dry/air dry after showers.

Apply BeetTan anti-aging lotion to keep the tan at it's best!

Shave as little as possible. When shaving, use hair conditioner and a new razor or electric razor.

Still use SPF as sunless solution doesn't contain any. I suggest Coola or one with no alcohol.

Rinse quickly after sweating/swimming to avoid it sitting on the skin.

Pools, salt water, and submerging in water for long periods of time will result in fading. BeetTan Anti-aging lotion and/or self tanner is a great option for trips to keep your tan even and lasting even longer. 

Your tan should last ~7-10 days depending on hydration, exfoliation, and individual body chemistry. 

Feel free to text/call with any questions (317.416.3654) and enjoy your glow!